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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Astro, please respect me as your customer!

Al-kisah bermula......

i'm really not satisfied this time..while slurp my lovely taste 'sup daging' homemade by my lovely mum..i got one phone call from unknown +60303 and she said that she call from ASTRO and without introducing herself she said that i've outstanding bill which is not settled yet. Then, i said that oh yeka, i'm not sure about that because..

HER: Oh, not sure? who used this ASTRO? 
me: yes??? 
HER: who used this ASTRO? 
me: sorry?? (sound was not clear on THAT TIME) 
HER: what ya??? i asked you who used this ASTRO?? 
me: me! 
HER: then you do not know? 
me: sorry, actually the one who paid my bill is my brother..if i'm not mistaken he already paid this bill..sorry again and i'll confirm him after this. 
HER: How long you used this ASTRO haaa? bill xsampai ke sampai tak tahu? 
me: WHAT???? you're so rude to me! i'm your customer, how can you're so rude to me???!!! (damned!!! dalam hati) 
HER: ......(aku dah xclear apa dia cakap sebab i'm really2 angry that time!!! BENGANG) mE: YOU'RE SO RUDE AND NOT RESPECT ME AS YOUR CUSTOMER. YOU'RE................prap!!!!...Ya Allah, she disconnect phone call...!

i call my bigbro to confirm him that he already paid..and YES! he settled it all...! then i search for ASTRO customer service number..1300-82-3838...got the customer service amd i asked the customer service and she (other person) confirmed my bill status and all celar with no outstanding record! Damned it! i told her i want to complaint about your service and i got phone call from ASTRO and she is so rude to me and not respecting me at all...(nasib ko baik xdelah aku lepas geram aku kat kau!)Okay cik, maybe she from ASTRO agent that ASTRO hired. She should not be rude to you and i will make notification for this report and lets us do our investigation. This situation should not be happen.

and everything end-up camtuh jela....

* still geram tahap gaban!


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